Tom Hanks Net Worth 2021

Tom Hanks Net Worth
Tom Hanks – Quick Facts
Net Worth:
Date of birth: 19560709 (67 years old)
Profession: Actor

Biography – A Short Wiki

Tom Hanks Net Worth is $350 Million

Tom Hanks Net Worth – American actor and Film maker Tom Hanks has spent a lifetime building this high flying Net Worth and shows no signs of slowing down. His Salary has been on a steady climb indicating he’s worth his net worth! Tom Hanks was one of four siblings when his parent’s split up while he was still young. Coming from limited means this is what Tom had to say about his parents separation: Tom and his three older siblings were raised by their Father and shifted frequently, at times living with step-siblings.

School of hard knocks

Tom did the hard yards to make it as an actor. He took parts in plays at school including South Pacific at Skyline High School in Oakland, California. He carried on to study theatre at college firstly at Chabot College in Hayward, and then at California State University, Sacramento two years later. Hanks loved watching theatre and attended as many as he could- mostly on his own in order to avoid distractions. During his years studying theatre Tom made connections that saw him working at Great Lakes Theatre Festival in Cleveland, Ohio as an intern for three years which led to him dropping out of college. During this time Hanks won a Cleveland Critics Circle Award for Best Actor, for his portrayal of Proteus in Shakespeare’s The Two Gentlemen of Verona.

Big Apple

A move to New York saw Tom Hanks gain roles in a low budget movie, a TV movie, and a lead role in an off Broadway Shakespeare production which saw him land an agent. A casting in the TV series Bosom Buddies and a guest role on Happy Days kicked off Hanks movie career when Ron Howard asked Tom to try out for a role in his movie Splash. Although not initially auditioning for the lead role Tom was cast as the lead in Splash, a romantic comedy that went on to be a box office hit. While Tom’s pay for Splash was a mere $70,000 he was now a star on the way and makes Tom Hanks net worth was about 375 million dollar.

Tom Hanks got Big

After making a ‘splash’ Tom went on to become a major star after his performance in fantasy drama Big for which he earned an impressive 1.75 million dollars and his first Academy Awards nomination for Best Actor. Although he didn’t win the Oscar for that performance Tom went on to win two ‘Best Actor’ Oscars in a row for his performances in blockbusters Philadelphia and Forrest Gump. Aside from the awards which secured him legendary status in the industry, Hanks received a pay packet of 70 million dollars for Forrest Gump alone.

Industry Heavyweight

Collecting a swath of awards over his lifetime in the industry including Golden Globes, Oscars, Screen Actors Guild Award, People’s Choice Award, Stanley Kubrick Britannia Award Tom Hanks moved into the role of director alongside Steven Spielberg with Saving Private Ryan which catapulted him into a successful career as a writer, producer and director. There was nothing in the way of Tom’s ascent to the giant Net Worth he has today, in fact, as of 2015, Hanks’ films have grossed more than $4.3 billion at U.S. and Canadian box offices and more than $8.4 billion worldwide, making him the third highest-grossing actor in film history. As if the awards and huge earning power weren’t enough he was voted the 26th Greatest Movie Star of all time by Entertainment Weekly as the actor to star in the most consecutive and make Tome Hanks net worth is about $100 million-grossing movies. In 2007, Forbes Magazine reported Tom Hank net worth is to be $74 million the previous year and as of 2016, has appeared in eight films that were Oscar nominated as Best Picture.

Life is like a Box of Chocolates

Like his character in Forrest Gump Tom Hanks is a big softie who stands up for what’s right and gives back to his community. Tom returned to his old high school Skyline High School in Oakland, California to dedicate a refurbished theatre named after his old drama teacher whom he thanked in his acceptance speech for Philadelphia. Rawley T. Farnsworth had inspired Tom’s character portrayal in Philadelphia and Tom remained close to him. Tom donated a quarter of the funds for the 465 thousand dollar project. It’s unlikely to affect his net worth very much but adds value to Tom’s image, as does his environmental causes.

Tom Hanks has earned his net worth through years of hard work in the movie industry. His legendary status has developed as a result of his amazing character performances, his successful writing, producing and directing and his respectable and likeable personality. Tom Hanks is a true Hollywood legend.

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