Kevin Hart Net Worth 2021

Kevin Hart Net Worth
Kevin Hart – Quick Facts
Net Worth:
Date of birth: 19790706 (44 years old)
Profession: Comedian

Biography – A Short Wiki

Kevin Hart Net Worth is $62 Million

Kevin Hart Net Worth – With a net worth like this comedian you too would be laughing all the way to the bank. Kevin Hart has not just received prestigious awards for his stellar career but he has grown a sizeable net worth as a result of his ability to make people laugh. But there’s more to Kevin Hart than just being a funny guy with an impressive net worth, this man also knows how to give back.

How Much Kevin Hart Net Worth?

Impressive Earnings

Adding $28.5 million to his net worth in 2015 must really help Kevin Harts bank balance. Forbes Magazine’s Celebrity 100 for 2015 rated Hart as 95th out of 100 for richest celebrities in the U.S. Being one of the wealthiest current comedians, Hart was one of only two comedians to make it onto the Celebrity 100 list- the other being Seinfeld!!

Humble Beginnings

At 36, Kevin Hart has built his career from that of a humble shoe salesman, to incredibly successful comedian. Having received the MTV Comedic Genius Award at the 2015 MTV Movie Awards, Kevin Hart’s star does not seem to be losing its shine. Billboard Boxcore’s figures show that Hart’s current tour The What Now tour looks set to be one of the highest grossing comedy tours ever reported. Hart’s comedy tour sold 600,000 tickets and grossed $35 million per month in ticket sales. Now that’s got to help your net wealth!

Doing it for the Kids

With such a high net worth and impressive future earnings Kevin Hart is able to provide for his kids needs. Child support for his two children by his ex-wife, Torrei Hart, is $20000 per month. At his speech after receiving the the MTV Comedic Genius Award Kevin had this to say about his ex-wife and kids. Heaven and Hendrix are undoubtedly going to receive a decent net wealth as part of their Dad’s legacy.

Running with it

So Kevin Hart has an enviable amount of wealth, two lovely kids, an incredibly successful career as a comedian, and a bunch of awards recognizing him for his achievements, what more could he need? Well, only to inspire people to go running with him!

Started by accident while staying in Boston, Kevin Hart decided he wanted to do what people in Boston do- run. He used his social media account to get people to go for a run with him by posting this on his twitter account (@KevinHart4real)

Kevin was happily surprised when a group of about three hundred people turned up to meet and accompany him for a three mile jog. Spurred on by the response Kevin continued to meet his fans for runs at cities all over the U.S and eventually he teamed up with Nike Run Club to help inspire people to come together and improve their fitness. Getting ordinary people to turn up in their thousands to go for a run really shows how much pulling power Kevin Hart has.

So, What is Kevin Hart Net Worth?

A whopping $62 million! That’s right $62 million says that Kevin Hart can make a lot of people laugh and keep being an all round good guy. His earnings are on the rise which means he’s sure to be able leave his kids the legacy he wants to. They’ll also be able to be proud of the way he inspired people to get fit by teaming up with Nike Run Club.

Kevin Hart looks set to remain on the Celebrity 100 list by Forbes magazine. With his $62 million net worth, massive projected future earnings, long list of awards, and his involvement with Nike Run Club it looks like Kevin will keep laughing all the way to the bank for a long time yet.

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