MysticGotJokes Net Worth, Salary and Earning

MysticGotJokes Net Worth
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MysticGotJokes Net Worth $1.5 million, his channel has over 3 million subscribers  and he is known for his comedic style and pranking his girlfriends. MysticGotJokes salary $547,500

MysticGotJokes on YouTube

Mark Williams is better known as MysticGotJokes – his YouTube channel’s name. MysticGotJokes has amassed an amazing 3 million subscribers. His friends call him Mystic. Mystic has a two YouTube channels. His main channel MysticGotJokes consists of pranks, challenges and funny videos. He loves to prank his girlfriends. Yes, he has had multiple girlfriends on channel. The girls do prank him back sometimes. His main channel has over 3.3 million subscribers. The channel has been growing with almost 2,000 subs everyday. It has nearly 700 million views so far.

Mystic Got Jokes Net Worth

How much money is Mystic making from his channel? Well, he is surely making quite a bit from all of those views. YouTubers make money from each ad that is displayed on their videos. If someone clicks on the ad they earn significantly more than if someone just watches the ad. There are many factors that play a role in how much each ad will earn. For example, factors like the device used to play the video, the person’s geo-location, ad inventory and various other things.

On any given day, his channel receives upwards of 800,000 views. Those 800,000 views bring Mystic cash every single day. He is earning an estimated $1200 per day. Now multiply $1200 x 365 for a yearly salary of $438,000. That is a very good sum of money.

Mark Williams (Mysticgotjokes) has a second vlogging channel. On this channel, he posts videos about what he does each day. The vlogging channel has over 1 million subscribers and over 150 million views. The channel receives 200,000 views every single day. Again, these views equal more money for Mystic. The channel earns Mystic an estimated $300 per day. Again, $300 x 365 for a yearly salary of $109,500.

Salary: $438,000 + $109,000 = $547,500.

MysticGotJokes earns a salary of $547,000. Mark Williams (MysticGotJokes) has a net worth of $1.5 million. In this video Mystic is pranked by his girlfriend Jessica who pretends to be pregnant. She tells him she is pregnant and the baby is someone else’s.

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