Miranda Cosgrove Net Worth 2021

Miranda Cosgrove Net Worth
Miranda Cosgrove – Quick Facts
Net Worth:
Date of birth: 19930514 (30 years old)
Profession: Actress

Biography – A Short Wiki

Miranda Cosgrove Net Worth – Miranda Cosgrove is a hit TV actress that has been featuring on television since the age of three. She was born on 1993. She made her entry into showbiz with TV commercials for McDonalds etc., and then she also started in various movies as a child. She made her mark on television through many renowned shows that brought her into the spotlight.

The performance that really made her famous to begin with was her supporting role in the hit comedy TV show “Drake & Josh”. Her role was of the sister, Megan, alongside Drake Bell and Josh Peck, who was a meddling young child and used to interfere in her brothers’ lives.

After this, Miranda’s level of stardom started to increase with time. She got her own TV show on Nickelodeon named “iCarly”, in which she used to make webisodes with her friend Sam and Freddie. The show made her very popular thus; she was getting richer and richer by the time. Cosgrove won various awards for this show of hers, such as “Best Actress”, “Best Example to the Youth” etc. which made her a lot more famous and added some extra cash to her net worth. In 2010, she was known as the second highest-paid child actor as she was get $180,000 since then for each episode of iCarly. Later in 2012, she was enlisted as the highest-paid child actor in the Guinness Book of World Records. She also made several cameo appearances for shows like Big Time Rush, Zoey 101 etc.

Miranda Cosgrove has not only acted, she has sung as well. She sang the title song for her show, iCarly, which was “Leave It All To Me”. The song was a major hit and her voice was highly appreciated. Seeing this, she recorded more songs out of which most were successful. Her song “About You Now” became her greatest hit, with a rating of 47 on the Hot 100 in January 2009. Later, she recorded and released her very own album “Sparks Fly” in 2010, which was also a major hit according to the audience.

So, after all of this, what do you think Miranda net worth would be? She has earned so much through Drake & Josh, iCarly and her songs that her total net worth is a whopping $7 million! The actress grows day by day and in the future, her net worth will keep on increasing and surprise us like it did today.

  • Full Name, Name:  Miranda Taylor Cosgrove
  • Age, Born: May 14, 1993 (age 21)
  • Net Worth: $7 million
  • Endorsement: None
  • Source of Wealth: actress-singer
  • Achievements: Young Artist Award, Teen Choice Awards, Kids’ Choice Awards, Common Sense Media Awards
  • Assets: None
  • Family: Father, Tom. Mother, Chris

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