Jenna Marbles Net Worth, Salary and Earning

Jenna Marbles Net Worth
Jenna Marbles – Quick Facts
Net Worth:
Date of birth: 19860915 (37 years old)
Profession: Youtuber

Biography – A Short Wiki

Jenna Marbles Net Worth: $2.9 Million and she is a Youtube Comedian. Jenna Marbles is famous for her YouTube comedy and vlogger. She currently has 17 million subscribers. Jenna’s videos have total of 2 billion views and her channel is 23rd most subscribed YouTube channel.

How did Jenna make her money and wealth?

Jenna started making videos in 2010 and those videos have gone viral. More viewers she gets on her videos the wealth will come from AD revenue and sponsors. It is hard to tell what the exact amount she makes from YouTube. It has been estimated she makes $4 Million annually.

Wondering How Jenna Got Rich From YouTube?

Jenna went to Boston to attend Suffolk University and earned her bachelors degree in Psychology, then backed it up with a Masters of Education in Sport Psychology. She lived a normal life like every one else. Jenna started having trouble paying her $800 rent, so she started doing side jobs to be able to afford to live such as waitressing, bartending, working at a tanning salon and even go-go dancing. She started blogging as well during this time.

In 2010, is when she created her YouTube channel? She had her first viral hit video called “How to Trick People Into Thinking You’re Good Looking”. In this video Jenna transforms her self with makeup from average girl to fashion girl. The video was viewed 5 million times in the first week, and since then it has been viewed total of 65 million times.

The following year, she had another viral video called “How to Void Talking To People You Don’t Want To Talk To”. This video has around 35 Million views. Jenna not only making money from YouTube, she has also released a line of stuffed dog toys named and modeled after her real dogs.

Net Worth

Jenna Marbles Net Worth is $2.9 Million. She lives in townhouse that she has rented for 1.1 Million in Santa Monica, California.

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