Carrot Top Net Worth 2021

Carrot Top Net Worth
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Biography – A Short Wiki

Carrot Top Net Worth – He is an American stand-up comedian. Apart from being a comedian, he is also an actor, a director, a producer and many more. He is identified by his long curly red hair. Carrot top was born in 1965 and his original name is Scott Thompson.

Thompson grew up nearby Cocoa, Florida and earned a degree in Marketing from Florida Atlantic University. Even as a freshman in the university, Thompson appeared in his first stand-up comedy. Due to his success on the stand-up circuit, he started appearing in roles on television and in films. The famous ones are Reno 911, Scrubs. He also got a repeated role in the remade Hollywood Squares and also acted in a portion of the comedy documentary The Aristocrats.

Carrot Top appeared in shows like Cable Guy’s Christmas Spectacular, Gene Simmons Family Jewels, Space Ghost Coast to Coast, Criss Angel Mindfreak etc. He has been the announcer for cartoon network from 1995 to 1999. With all these talents, Carrot Top net worth increased gradually over time.

Thompson is headlining at the Luxor hotel in Las Vegas since 2005 and also performs various comedy shows. He uses lots of props which are stored in large trunks on stage. Carrot describes the prop in one line and tosses it away.

Carrot Top net worth is of $75 million. He has performed in many colleges in United States as a comedian. In 1993, he became the first person to be voted for both Performer of the Year, and Comedian of the Year by the National Association of Campus Activities.Carrot Top net worth 2

While working in cartoon network he produced and acted in his own program named Carrot Top’s AM Mayhem. It made a notable contribution to Carrot Top net worth. After such success he started playing the leading roles on television and in films. Carrot Top has been performing fifteen weeks per year at the Luxor hotel in Las Vegas since 2008.

Carrot Top is counted among the top 50 richest comedians in the world. The fact that fascinated him the most is the awesome feeling that one gets while standing in the stage and getting applauded. He felt this after his first show and decided to become a full time comedian and pursue a professional career in this field.

Carrot Top net worth is interesting because it is quite difficult to sustain as a comedian in this fast moving world. But he managed to stand unique for more than a decade. Let’s see how the curly red haired man maintains his net worth.


With a Net worth of $75 million Carrot Top rules the charts. He is one of the best comedians and stands unique out of others. He is counted among top 50 richest comedians of the world.

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