Billy Joel Net Worth 2021

Billy Joel Net Worth
Billy Joel – Quick Facts
Net Worth:
Date of birth: 19490509 (74 years old)
Profession: Composer

Biography – A Short Wiki

Billy Joel Net Worth – Everybody knows Billy Joel as a great American singer, a pianist and a composer. The original name is William Martin Joel and was born in Bronx. His grandfather was a famous German composer named Karl Amson Joel. Joel’s father and half brother are famous musicians but neither of their fortunes contributed to Billy Joel’s net worth.

Being born in a family of musicians, he started to take piano classes at a very young age. The passion for music grew as he grew older. He used to love everything about music and joined his first band first band, The Echoes, when he was only 14.

Billy Joel Net Worth 2021

Billy Joel decided to go solo in 1972. He got his first recording contract in the same year from Paramount Records. The very next year he moved on to Columbia Records. He decided to get into the music industry in the mid 1960s. The songs of Beatles made him more passionate in the field of music composing. Billy joined the band ‘Hassles’ in 1964 which got a contract with United Artists Records.

Joel’s famous works include ‘Say goodbye to Hollywood’, ‘New York State of mind ’, ‘Summer highland falls’ etc. He still continues to go for tours and plays songs in concerts from various parts of his career.

Billy Joel net worth is of $160 million. He released his single “Piano Man” in 1973 which attained an international recognition. After that he joined in the list of the best-selling musicians in the United States and the rest of the world. The compiled album Greatest Hits was released in 1985 and was sold over 11 million copies and thus became the 3rd bestselling album of all time. The most amazing fact about Billy Joel is that he has sold over a total of 150 million albums.

From 1970, nearly 40 hits of him have topped the charts across the world and all of these songs were written by Billy. Billy has won 6 Grammies and 23 Grammy nominations. He is in the list of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (1999), Songwriter’s Hall of Fame (1992) and Long Island Hall of Fame (2006). Billy ranked 23 in the Billboard’s list of All-Time Top Artists in 2008.

Billy Joel net worth went up to the stars in 1973, when he released his album ‘Piano Man’. Billy Joel is a multi talented person and he is still pursuing his music career with passion and grit. These facts explain why Billy Joel net worth is currently leaping over $160 million. Let’s see how Billy Joel maintains his net wealth in the following years!


Billy Joel has a net worth of $160 million and he is a very talented person. He is a great pianist and excels in the field of music. It will be great to know his net worth in detail.

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