Chaka Khan Net Worth

How Rich is Chaka Khan

Hos much is Chaka Khan worth?

The actor has amassed a net worth of $40 million.

Chaka Khan – Quick Facts
Net Worth: $40 million
Date of birth: March 23, 1953 (71 years old)
Gender: Female
Height: 162
Profession: Actor, Composer, Jazz Musician, Singer-songwriter, Songwriter

Biography – A Short Wiki

Chaka was born March 23, 1953 in Chicago, Illinois as Yvette Marie Stevens. She started her successful musical career in 1970’s. Khan won multiple Grammy Awards, most recently in 2008 for studio album Funk This which won the award for the Best R&B Album. In 2015, Khan decided to join Dancing With the Stars contest. Her dancing partner is professional dancer Keo Motsepe. We wish this lovely couple a lot of luck on the show.


Chaka Khan began her career performing along with small bands around Chicago, such as with Cash McCall’s band back then. In her early career, she was asked to join Baby Huey & the Babysitters soul band as a replacement to Baby Huey, who passed away by that time. In the early 70s, Chaka Khan joined the Rufus band, which was new back then.

Chaka Khan Wealth
Chaka Khan is looking great as ever, and has a net worth of 40000000 dollars. Remarkable!

Personal Life

For her personal life, relationships, marriage, and children, Chaka Khan has experienced all of that. Her first marriage was a 1-year marriage to Hassan Khan. Chaka Khan’s daughter was born in 1973 from her relationship with Rahsaan Morris.


“I love to sing. It’s the easiest thing for me to do.”

— Chaka Khan

“I’d like to work on putting art programs back in schools.”

— Chaka Khan

“I’d been in a vicious cycle and circle of people and couldn’t see my way out. So I picked myself up one day about 15 years ago and moved where I didn’t know anyone.”

— Chaka Khan

“But really, we also need to learn how to love one another as women. How to appreciate and respect each other.”

— Chaka Khan

“If I love a song, I make it mine.”

— Chaka Khan