Amy Winehouse Net Worth, Assets and Family

Amy Winehouse Net Worth
Amy Winehouse – Quick Facts
Net Worth:
Date of birth: 19830914 (40 years old)
Profession: Singer

Biography – A Short Wiki

Amy Winehouse Net Worth – During her life, Amy Winehouse was a controversial yet talented British singer who has net worth £6 million or $10 million. Amy Winehouse died in 2011 in her home in Camden, London. Amy Winehouse cause of death was Alcohol intoxication. That was the official release by the forensic police and media. Amy Winehouse died in her young age, just like the other club 27, she died in her middle of her glory career and age, 27 years old. Amy Winehouse left asset worth £2.27m and she left it as a fortune to her parents. Amy Winehouse career was smooth and easy. She began studying music at the theater school and she also joined a rap group when she was ten.

Her first sign to music career was when she was fourteen years old, which her demo was sent by her boyfriend to 19 Management and EMI. She had been a music writer since then. Amy Winehouse debut album was in 2003, titled “Frank”. It had good critics and it ranked in the UK charts. But, her breakthrough was her second album “Back to Black” in 2006. This album noted as the best-selling album in 2007 and made Amy Winehouse popular. In this album, Amy Winehouse really did a good job in her vocal style and her music-writing skill. It was a mix of hip-hop/soul and more rock and roll style. Track like “Yo Know I’m No Good”, “Rehab”, and “Valerie” were very popular. It is shameful, during her bright and top of her career she spent her life on drugs, alcohols and problems which made her looked disrespected by people.

  • Full Name, Name: Amy Jade Winehouse
  • Age, Born: 14 September 1983 Southgate, London, England, died 23 July 2011 (aged 27) Camden, London, England by Alcohol intoxication.
  • Net Worth: $10 million and $3 million assets.
  • Source of Wealth: Singer, songwriter
  • Achievements: five Grammy Awards
  • Assets: $3.2 million
  • Family: Blake Fielder-Civil (married 2007; divorced 2009)