Zhao Wei Net Worth

How Rich is Zhao Wei

What is Zhao Wei’s net worth?

The actor has amassed a net worth of $1.0 billion.

Zhao Wei – Quick Facts
Net Worth: $1.0 billion
Date of birth: March 12, 1976 (48 years old)
Gender: Female
Height: 166
Profession: Actor, Film Director, Musician, Singer, Spokesperson
Nationality: Chinese

Biography – A Short Wiki

Zhao Wei is a Chinese actress and singer who is widely considered to be one of the most popular actresses in China and Chinese-speaking regions, and is one of the highest-paid actresses in China. Her accolades include the Hundred Flowers Award and the Shanghai Critics Award. Her debut album, Swallow, was released in 1999. Zhao was born on March 12, 1976 in Wuhu, Anhui province. Her father, Zhao Jiahai, was a senior engineer, and her mother, Wei Qiying, was a primary school teacher. She has an elder brother named Zhao Jian. She married Chinese businessman Huang Youlong in 2008. Together they have one daughter, April Huang.


In 1998 Wei starred as Xiao Yan Zi in the TV series Huan zhu ge ge and she reprised the role in 1999 in Huan zhu ge ge 2. The same year she starred as Ji Xiang in the series My Cousin Ji Xiang. In 2000 Zhao starred as Lu Jianping in the television series Treasure Venture. In 2001 she starred in the TV series Profound Love in Heavy Rain as Lu Yiping.


“Both Peter Chan and Wong Kar Wai are directors that I respect very much.”

— Zhao Wei

“I was very young when I began acting and I really got by on enthusiasm and love of the profession.”

— Zhao Wei

“For a film to be excellent, everybody working on it must also be excellent.”

— Zhao Wei

“Without a doubt, my daughter loves daddy more, because he pampers her way too much.”

— Zhao Wei

“I feel like I’m walking into the illustrated pages of a fairy tale when I go to the vineyard. It draws you to nature and cleanses your soul, and you just don’t want to leave.”

— Zhao Wei