Wink Martindale Net Worth – What is Wink Martindale Worth Now?

Wink Martindale Wealth

What is Wink Martindale’s net worth?

The game show host has amassed a net worth of $20 million.

Wink Martindale – Quick Facts
Net Worth: $20 million
Date of birth: December 4, 1933 (90 years old)
Gender: Male
Profession: Game Show Host, Presenter
Nationality: American

Biography – A Short Wiki

Wink Martindale net worth: Wink Martindale is an American radio DJ and television host who has a net worth of $20 million dollars. Wink Martindale, also known as Winston Conrad Martindale, was born in Jackson, Tennessee, and began DJing at a local radio station just after finishing high school. He went on to graduate from Memphis State University, while also hosting the morning show for WHBQ in Memphis.


“You go to work, tape five shows in one day and then go home and play golf for the rest of the week and then start the week all over. I thought if something like that came along, I’d love to do that.”

— Wink Martindale

“I love doing what I do.”

— Wink Martindale

“Regis has a great rapport with the American public.”

— Wink Martindale

“Radio is immediate.”

— Wink Martindale

“The people at home don’t care what your problems are. They just know that you’re doing that show and you’re supposed to do the best you can do. It’s not a 9-5 type of job. I’ve considered myself very lucky to do that kind of work.”

— Wink Martindale