How Much is Rickie Fowler’s Net Worth as of 2023?

How Rich is Rickie Fowler

What is Rickie Fowler’s net worth?

The golfer has amassed a net worth of $20 million.

Rickie Fowler – Quick Facts
Net Worth: $20 million
Date of birth: December 13, 1988 (35 years old)
Gender: Male
Height: 175
Profession: Golfer

Biography – A Short Wiki

Golfer who was the top-ranked amateur golfer in the world for 37 weeks spanning 2007 and 2008. He was the PGA Tour Rookie of the Year in 2010.

He posted the best score at his home course in Murrieta as a freshmen in high school. He attended Oklahoma State University.

In 2012 he earned his first PGA Tour win, defeating Rory Mcllroy in a playoff at the Wells Fargo Championship.


Rickie started his Golf career right from the days of High School and then playing in College, where his amateur career took a new high. Apart from winning many trophies, he has also competed in the US Amateur. Fowler also represented the United States at the Walker Cup.

Rickie Fowler Wealth
Rickie Fowler is looking great as ever, and has a net worth of 20000000 dollars. Remarkable!

Personal Life

He was born to Lynn and Rod Fowler and has a sister named Taylor.

He was selected by fans to be featured alongside Tiger Woods on the cover of the video game Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13.


“I come from great stock. I didn’t come from money. My parents both worked really hard to keep food on the table and give my sister and me opportunities to play sports and see what we were good at.”

— Rickie Fowler

“There’s still nothing I love more than being in the air. I’ve always liked speed and things on wheels, going out there and putting it all out there, being on the edge.”

— Rickie Fowler

“The way I see it, thinking about the position of the club during the swing is about the worst way to play golf. It makes you tight and defensive, which kills your natural speed and rhythm. Although there’s obvious value to minding your technique, at best you’ll play an OK round. Where’s the fun in that?”

— Rickie Fowler

“I don’t want to live life too cautiously. I mean, you can step off a curb and twist your ankle.”

— Rickie Fowler

“It’s harder to score well in a slow round. The tendency is to overthink shots while you’re waiting and become mentally exhausted. Instead, chat with your playing partners about anything but golf. Concentrate on each shot for no more than a minute. You’ll stay fresh.”

— Rickie Fowler