Patrick Duffy Net Worth

Patrick Duffy Net Worth

What is Patrick Duffy’s net worth?

The actor has amassed a net worth of $30 million.

Patrick Duffy – Quick Facts
Net Worth: $30 million
Date of birth: March 17, 1949 (74 years old)
Gender: Male
Height: 187 cm
Profession: Actor, Television Director
Nationality: American

Biography – A Short Wiki

Patrick Duffy Net Worth: Patrick Duffy is an American actor who has a net worth of $30 million. He is probably best known for his role as Bobby Ewing in the original, long-running CBS primetime soap opera “Dallas” which debuted in the late ’70s (and again in the new version of the show on TNT in 2012). In the 1990s he also starred in the series “Step By Step.”


Career: Duffy moved to Los Angeles, California in the early ’70s where he spent several years trying to make it as an actor. After appearing in minor roles in a few TV movies and in an episode of “Switch” in 1976, his big break came in 1976 when he landed the lead part on the science-fiction series “Man From Atlantis.” On the show, Duffy played Mark Harris, a being from the lost continent of Atlantis who was discovered unconscious on a beach by a research scientist. While he looked human, Harris had webbed hands and feet and could only spend a certain amount of time out of the water. The show only lasted a season, airing from the fall of 1977 to the following spring.

Personal Life

Personal Life: Duffy married professional ballerina Carlyn Rosser in February 1974. They lived in Eagle Point, Oregon with their sons Padraic Terence Duffy (b. 1974) and Conor Frederick Duffy (b. 1979.) They remained married until Carlyn’s death in January 2017. In an April 2020 interview, he disclosed that he still feels very much “married” to his late wife. She had encouraged and helped him convert to Buddhism after his parents’ painful deaths in 1986.


“I quit it because at the end of seven years in an ensemble show with one leader, I thought: ‘I will be known as ‘Dallas’ starring Larry Hagman and the cast.’ And at this point in my career – I was in my mid to late 30s – I thought, ‘Now is the time when it’s hottest for me to go out and establish my thing.'”

— Patrick Duffy

“Cooking and eating at home is made even better by the fact that you don’t have to worry about driving after a couple of bottles of very nice wine. For me that’s the ideal combination: working hard and enjoying the fruits of your labour.”

— Patrick Duffy

“I lead a normal life and I don’t assume there is anything I can impart to people. The only reason to write a book would be to make money, and I don’t want to do that. To write a book would be going against how I’ve lived.”

— Patrick Duffy

“I saw this thing years ago, where somebody filled a gymnasium with ping-pong balls and mousetraps. And then somebody threw just one more ping-pong ball in there, and literally, in five seconds, the room was popping. And then it was dead. And that’s how it was with ‘Dallas.’ Just… ‘boom!'”

— Patrick Duffy

“I had a lump on my face and had a big cancer thing removed.”

— Patrick Duffy

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