What is Natasha Henstridge’s Net Worth?

Natasha Henstridge Wealth

What is Natasha Henstridge’s net worth?

The actor has amassed a net worth of $7 million.

Natasha Henstridge – Quick Facts
Net Worth: $7 million
Date of birth: August 15, 1974 (49 years old)
Gender: Female
Height: 178
Profession: Actor, Fashion Model
Nationality: Canadian

Biography – A Short Wiki

Natasha was born August 15, 1974 in Springdale, Canada. In 1995, she became famous in her first role as the genetically engineered alien Sil in the movie Species. She was starring also in sequels Species II and III. Her other notable films were The Whole Nine Yards, Ghosts of Mars, and Deception. She was also portraying Cassie McBain in TV series She Spies.


When she was 14, Henstridge entered the Casablanca Modeling Agency’s Look of the Year competition, and came in second place. The next year, she went to Paris to pursue a career in modeling, and subsequently graced her first magazine cover for the French version of Cosmopolitan. After posing for a number of additional covers, Henstridge appeared in television advertisements for such brands as Olay and Old Spice.

Personal Life

In 1995, Henstridge married actor and producer Damian Chapa; the pair divorced the following year. Subsequently, she dated actor Liam Waite from 1996 to 2004, and had two sons named Tristan and Asher. Following this, Henstridge started a relationship with Scottish singer Darius Campbell, to whom she got engaged. The couple broke off the engagement in 2010 before marrying on Valentine’s Day in 2011. Henstridge and Campbell filed for divorce two years after that, with the divorce becoming official in 2018.


“I believe that every role that I have done this far has had quality and content. My roles have been very demanding and every role has been a challenge and a learning experience that has helped me mature as an actress.”

— Natasha Henstridge

“I began as a model, but that did not really hold my interest for too long! I believe I stood out from the parade of models trying to make it in Hollywood, which helped launch my career beyond the one-night-stand horror movie.”

— Natasha Henstridge

“My main aim has always been to do good quality films with roles that have some substance. With Power and Beauty there were loads of things that I liked about the movie, which made me opt for it.”

— Natasha Henstridge

“I think I have been very lucky as far as my acting career goes.”

— Natasha Henstridge

“When I started off, I didn’t only ride to fame on my looks though many people I know think otherwise.”

— Natasha Henstridge