Mackenzie Crook’s Net Worth and Story

Mackenzie Crook Net Worth

Hos much is Mackenzie Crook worth?

The actor has amassed a net worth of $4 million.

Mackenzie Crook – Quick Facts
Net Worth: $4 million
Date of birth: September 29, 1971 (52 years old)
Gender: Male
Height: 175
Profession: Actor, Comedian, Dubbing, Stand-up comedian
Nationality: British

Biography – A Short Wiki

Mackenzie Crook net worth: Mackenzie Crook is an English actor and stand-up comedian who has a net worth of $4 million. Mackenzie Crook was born in Maidstone, Kent, England in September 1971. Crook was the illustrator and cartoonist for his school magazine in grammar school. At 15 he joined the Orchard Youth Theatre in Dartford.


“All the parts I get offered are character and comedy parts, and I probably wouldn’t get them if I had a different face. So I’m glad I have a comedy face.”

— Mackenzie Crook

“I’d like to go back to standup. I don’t like to think I’ve done my last gig. At the moment it terrifies me, I get really nervous. It’s a great buzz when it goes well.”

— Mackenzie Crook

“My son thinks I’m hilarious, but he’s only 1.”

— Mackenzie Crook

“It’s not a very secure industry. I’ve spoken to a couple of people recently who had a successful TV show and then found themselves absolutely skint and struggling to find a job.”

— Mackenzie Crook

“Recently I’ve been collecting Star Wars figures again. When I was a kid I couldn’t afford them. Now I can so I’ve been buying them and keeping them in their box for a later date when they’ll be worth a lot of money.”

— Mackenzie Crook