Keir Gilchrist Net Worth

Keir Gilchrist Net Worth

What is Keir Gilchrist’s net worth?

The actor has amassed a net worth of $400 thousand.

Keir Gilchrist – Quick Facts
Net Worth: $400 thousand
Date of birth: September 28, 1992 (30 years old)
Gender: Male
Height: 170 cm
Profession: Actor
Nationality: Canadian

Biography – A Short Wiki

Keir Gilchrist Net Worth: Keir Gilchrist is a Canadian-British actor who has a net worth of $400 thousand. Born Keir David Peters Gilchrist in London, England, in 1992, Keir Gilchrist grew up in London before moving to Boston, Massachusetts, New York City, and later Toronto, Ontario during his childhood years.


“I guess Johnny Depp has a pretty good career. I love a lot of parts that actors have played, so I love pieces of their career, but it’s pretty hard to look at an actor’s whole career and go, ‘That was awesome!’ Usually it either ends on a crappy show or with no work at all.”

— Keir Gilchrist

“When I create a character, I do it with the directors, and I take their notes and try to have my notes meet in a common ground. I don’t create characters myself, and I don’t really think that’s my job. I’m not a prep person at all – plus, I’m just a lazy procrastinator.”

— Keir Gilchrist

“I don’t think I was anything short of ecstatic when I found out ‘It’s Kind of a Funny Story’ would be premiering in Toronto.”

— Keir Gilchrist

“I like camping.”

— Keir Gilchrist

“I’m the sort of actor who doesn’t really prep a lot – I don’t do a lot of research for parts. I just go for it, and I usually pull through.”

— Keir Gilchrist

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