Julio Iglesias Net Worth 2021

Julio Iglesias Net Worth
Julio Iglesias – Quick Facts
Net Worth:
Date of birth: 19430923 (80 years old)
Profession: Singer

Biography – A Short Wiki

Julio Iglesias Net Worth – If you consider the singers, Julio Iglesias net worth is quite high than others. He is one of the famous Spanish singers. Julio Iglesias is also a prolific artist, a singer as well as a song writer. He is the father of the pop singing sensation Enrique Iglesias. His real name is Julio Jose Iglesias de la Cueva and was born on 1943 in Madrid, Spain.

He first saw his career as a professional football player, but then he had to give this sport up, because of a car accident. For a few years, he was not able to walk. It was during this time when Julio Iglesias was extremely bored and started learning guitar. Then he realized that he could achieve something in the music industry.

He became popular in 1968 when he won in an international song festival in Spain. Julio started participating in various concerts and events after this. Though he did not win, it was the foundation for his later success in European regions. He is quite popular in Germany and Italy because of his songs ’Un Canto A Galicia’ and ‘Se mi lasci non vale’ respectively.

In the beginning of 80’s he started to get famous in the United States, one of the results of his wise decision to move to the US. The net worth started to increase after this decision as well. He has won Grammy awards and has won the Guinness world records for best selling male Latin artist.

Julio Iglesias Net Worth is considerably high than others. It is worth of $300 million dollars. Since the year 1969, he has recorded a total of 80 albums which reportedly sold near 300 million copies around the world in 14 different languages. Julio has been successful in all the tours for over 40 years in his career.

After moving to the US, he signed with CBS International and then started to record albums that are non-Spanish. It is during that time 1100 Bel Air Places got released and was sold more than four million copies in the US alone. The latest album by him is Numero 1. It got a good recognition that when Iglesias performed a concert in Equatorial Guinea; the tickets were sold at $1,000. No wonder Julio Iglesias Net worth keep increasing.

In 2003, he released his album named ‘Divorcio’ which means Divorce. In the very first day 350,000 albums were sold in Spain and reached number one on the charts of Portugal, Spain, France, Russia and Italy. Julio Iglesias Net Worth is huge because he has fans all around the world. He started to earn from concerts from a very young age.

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