Jacqueline MacInnes Wood: Net Worth and Amassed Wealth

Jacqueline MacInnes Wood Wealth

Hos much is Jacqueline MacInnes Wood worth?

The actor has amassed a net worth of $8 million.

Jacqueline MacInnes Wood – Quick Facts
Net Worth: $8 million
Date of birth: April 17, 1987 (37 years old)
Gender: Female
Height: 173
Profession: Actor, Disc jockey, Singer
Nationality: Canadian

Biography – A Short Wiki

Jacqueline MacInnes Wood Net Worth and Salary: Jacqueline MacInnes Wood is a Canadian actress, disc jockey, model, and television host who has a net worth of $8 million. She is known for her role as Olivia Castle in the film “Final Destination 5” and as Steffy Forrester in the American soap opera “The Bold and the Beautiful.” Jacqueline has earned several Daytime Emmy Award nominations, and in 2019, she won in the category of Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series.


Career: Wood made her first acting appearance as the “hair girl” in a commercial for First Choice Haircutters. Following the success of the commercial, she moved to Toronto to pursue a career in acting. When she was 21, she began starring as Steffy Forrester on the American CBS Daytime soap opera “The Bold and the Beautiful.”

Personal Life

Personal Life: In 2017, Jacqueline got engaged to the artist agent, Elan Ruspoli, and in 2018, the two were married. In 2019, Wood gave birth to a son, and two years later, she gave birth to their second son.


“I would like to do comedy. I can be a bit of a Jim Carrey. I was always the class clown.”

— Jacqueline MacInnes Wood

“I love Toronto, It’s the best city.”

— Jacqueline MacInnes Wood

“If you eat like crap all the time, quite frankly, you’re going to feel like crap.”

— Jacqueline MacInnes Wood

“I’m a fighter, so when someone says ‘no’ to me, I try to figure out what I need to adjust to hear the yes.”

— Jacqueline MacInnes Wood

“I’m a big horror fan, but I don’t enjoy a lot of gore and watching somebody cut their leg off for five hours. I like the older movies where it draws you into the suspense, that sort of shock and awe.”

— Jacqueline MacInnes Wood