Grant Gustin: Net Worth and Amassed Wealth

Grant Gustin Net Worth

What is Grant Gustin’s net worth?

The actor has amassed a net worth of $5 million.

Grant Gustin – Quick Facts
Net Worth: $5 million
Date of birth: January 14, 1990 (34 years old)
Gender: Male
Height: 188
Profession: Actor
Nationality: American

Biography – A Short Wiki

Thomas Grant Gustin is an American actor, dancer and singer born on 14th January 1990. He was born in Norfolk, Virginia, to a pediatric nurse Tina Haney and a college professor Thomas Gustin. He was interested in acting since his childhood and attended different Art and theatre programs to boost up his passion. In 2011, Gustin earned a debuted role as Sebastian Smythe in the television series Glee which bestowed him with recognition and success. Later that year, Grant joined the cast of television film A Mother’s Nightmare and afterwards garnered a recurring role in the series 90210. During that time, Gustin received breakthrough from the hit series The Flash and Arrow which are still on aired on The CW.

Personal Life

His first name is actually Thomas; Grant is his middle name. His parents are Tom Gustin and Tina Haney. He has a sister named Gracie and a brother named Tyler. He got engaged to LA Thoma in April of 2017 and they wed in December 2018. They welcomed a daughter named Juniper Grace on August 17th.

He co-starred with Jane Lynch on the television series Glee.


“I’m challenged to races. Never a stranger. I’ve had a good friend of mine who, to be honest, is tiny and, like, should have assumed that I could have beat him, that I’m faster than him, and then crew members, two different crew members. I’m 3 and 0.”

— Grant Gustin

“Glee’ found me. I didn’t really go looking for it.”

— Grant Gustin

“I’ve never been passionate about just music, I’ve never seen myself going into music in that sense. My love for music has always been connected to the stories told through music, which is why I was drawn to theater and why I think ‘Glee’ is so powerful.”

— Grant Gustin

“My ‘Glee’ experience taught me – to a certain degree – not to listen too much to fan backlash, at least to negative things. Once you have the job, you have the job, and you’ve got to do it.”

— Grant Gustin

“Some of my favorite artists are Jason Mraz, Eric Hutchinson, Ben Folds, Bruno Mars, Mumford and Sons, Maroon 5 – their vibe is slightly different from all the pop stuff on ‘Glee,’ although some do fall into that genre.”

— Grant Gustin