How Much is Eiza Gonzalez’s Net Worth as of 2023?

How Rich is Eiza Gonzalez

Hos much is Eiza Gonzalez worth?

The actor has amassed a net worth of $5 million.

Eiza Gonzalez – Quick Facts
Net Worth: $5 million
Date of birth: January 30, 1990 (34 years old)
Gender: Female
Height: 173
Profession: Actor, Singer-songwriter
Nationality: Mexico

Biography – A Short Wiki

Eiza was born January 30, 1990 in Caborca, Mexico. Her mother is a former Mexican model, Glenda Reyna. So it’s no surprise that Eiza inherited her beauty. Gonzales suffers from Attention Deficit Disorder. In 2013, young Eiza moved to Los Angeles and started dating actor Liam Hemswort. While the couple broke up, her career really speed up in Californian movie hub. She’s now starring as Santanico Pandemonium on horror TV series From Dusk till Dawn.

Eiza Gonzalez Wealth
The actor is looking content, and why shouldn’t she with such a decent net worth?


“I’m born and raised in Mexico. I only spent eight months in the States, but definitely English is a really big part of my life, and I love it. Thank God my mom put me in American school because I’m able to be working in the States, and it opens a lot more doors being half and not being only one. It’s cool because I get to turn it on and off.”

— Eiza Gonzalez

“I’m happy and I’m focused on my work… it’s incredible to be able to work with 20th Century Fox and to keep opening doors for Mexicans and Latins in the United States.”

— Eiza Gonzalez

“I want Latinos to be seen as the hard-working people that we are. We’ll take the hardest jobs that no one wants to take, and we’ll do them with dignity.”

— Eiza Gonzalez

“My last audition for ‘Baby Driver,’ I had to meet with Jon Hamm and go through the scenes. I was a bit nervous: ‘What if Jon Hamm dislikes me? This is the end.’ I also watched ‘Mad Men’ religiously, so that didn’t help with my nerves.”

— Eiza Gonzalez

“I can have an accent and not have an accent, so it’s really cool. I can play with it. I can be very Sofia Vergara, too, so it’s really cool.”

— Eiza Gonzalez