How Much is David Schwimmer’s Net Worth as of 2023?

How Rich is David Schwimmer

Hos much is David Schwimmer worth?

The tv actor has amassed a net worth of $120 million.

David Schwimmer – Quick Facts
Net Worth: $120 million
Date of birth: November 2, 1966 (57 years old)
Gender: Male
Height: 185
Profession: TV Actor
Nationality: American

Biography – A Short Wiki

He became known as paleontologist Ross Geller on the sitcom Friends, a role for which he won a Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance. In 2016, he portrayed Robert Kardashian on the FX series The People v. O. J. Simpson: American Crime Story.

He began acting at Beverly Hills High School, and after graduating college, he co-founded Lookingglass Theatre Company as an unemployed actor.

He supplied the voice for the Giraffe, Melman, in the Madagascar franchise and won a Satellite Award for his role in the miniseries Band of Brothers as Herbert Sobel in 2001.


David Schwimmer’s first roles were in TV shows such as L.A. Law, The Wonder Years, NYPD Blue, and Monty. He also appeared in films such as A Deadly Silence and Flight of the Intruder.

David Schwimmer Net Worth
The TV actor is looking content, and why shouldn’t he with such a decent net worth?

Personal Life

He married Zoe Buckman in 2010, and the following year the couple’s daughter, Cleo Buckman Schwimmer, was born. They later divorced in 2017.

On Friends, his character Ross had an on-again, off-again relationship with the character Rachel, played by Jennifer Aniston.


“Can I tell you how strange it is to look in your rearview mirror and see guys in cars tailing you?”

— David Schwimmer

“The reality is, Jennifer and I can do our job well because we truly are friends. But when the day’s over, she goes home to her boyfriend and I go home to a magazine.”

— David Schwimmer

“I came from a family where I felt great pressure to be financially successful, and I felt that staying in Chicago and doing theater, I was, in all likelihood, not going to find financial success.”

— David Schwimmer

“If there’s something I want, I go for it. I just think about how I’m going to go for it.”

— David Schwimmer

“I’ve commissioned an adaptation of ‘The Jungle’, by Upton Sinclair, a story of a young immigrant from Lithuania to the meat-packing industry of Chicago in 1904, and the rise of the unions in America.”

— David Schwimmer

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