How Much is Danielle Fishel’s Net Worth as of 2023?

Danielle Fishel Wealth

Hos much is Danielle Fishel worth?

The actor has amassed a net worth of $4 million.

Danielle Fishel – Quick Facts
Net Worth: $4 million
Date of birth: May 5, 1981 (43 years old)
Gender: Female
Height: 155
Profession: Actor
Nationality: American

Biography – A Short Wiki

Danielle was born 5th May 1981 in Mesa, Arizona. At the age of ten, she had some roles in community theater. Danielle is best known for the role in TV sitcom Boy Meets World as Topanga Lawrence, the girlfriend of Cory Matthews. She is going to appear in sequel Girl Meets World, which will be about daughter of Topanga and Cory. Danielle is engaged to Tim Belusko since May 2012.


Danielle Fishel performed in theatres during her early career days as she did a few productions. After that, she went to work on voice over for commercials as she worked on one for the popular company Mattel. Danielle Fishel made her debut screen work as an actress was in a couple of episodes of ABC sitcom “Full House”.

Personal Life

Personal Life: Danielle married Tim Belusko in 2013. They divorced in 2016.


“If something is a comedy for the sake of just comedy’s sake and it doesn’t have a good message, I don’t have an interest in being part of it. If something is just serious and scary with no good message, I don’t want to be a part of it.”

— Danielle Fishel

“I think the more wholesome things that come back to television, the better off we’ll be.”

— Danielle Fishel

“I had those full-feathered bangs that started all the way at the back of your head. My forehead isn’t very big; I should have never had those bangs!”

— Danielle Fishel

“Some of my favorite memories happened in the ‘Boy Meets World’ classroom.”

— Danielle Fishel

“I’m getting my psychology degree with a focus on marriage and family therapy.”

— Danielle Fishel