Chris Pratt’s Net Worth and Story

Chris Pratt Net Worth

What is Chris Pratt’s net worth?

The actor has amassed a net worth of $80 million.

Chris Pratt – Quick Facts
Net Worth: $80 million
Date of birth: June 21, 1979 (44 years old)
Gender: Male
Height: 188
Profession: Actor, Singer
Nationality: American

Biography – A Short Wiki

Christopher Michael Pratt is an American actor born on June 21, 1979 to Danial Clifton Pratt and Kathleen Louise. After dropping out of college, he was working at a restaurant in Maui where he was discovered by director and actress Raw Dawn Chong who signed the 19-year old Chris for her movie Cursed Part 3. Following his debut film in 2000, Pratt soon entered in the television industry and earned a lot of fame for his performance in TV series Everwood. After his success on television at very early stage of his career, Chris Pratt has gone on to star in two more successful TV shows ‘The O.C.’ and ‘Parks and Recreation’ as part of the main cast. Although he continued to work in the film industry at the same time but failed to have to major hit. However things began changing in 2012 after which he has appeared in a number of critically as well as commercially successful movies such as Zero Dark Thirty, Guardians of the Galaxy and Jurassic World. When it comes to the personal life of the actor, Chris Pratt has been married to actress Anna Faris since 2009 and the couple has one son together.


Pratt was a waiter at the Bubba Gump Shrimp Company restaurant in Maui. Actress and director Rae Dawn Chong “discovered” him and cast him in her directorial debut, the short horror film, “Cursed Part 3.” Pratt’s first regular acting job was on the WB series “Everwood.” When that was canceled, Pratt joined the cast of “The O.C.” during its fourth season. Pratt appeared in a number of roles on film and television including “Strangers with Candy,” “Moneyball,” “The Five-Year Engagement,” and “Zero Dark Thirty,” to name just a handful of his extensive credits.

Personal Life

Chris Pratt and Anna Faris met on the set of “Take Me Home Tonight” in 2007. They got engaged in late 2008. They married on July 9, 2009, in Bali. The wedding wasn’t planned. They got hitched on a whim after attending a friend’s wedding. Their son Jack was born nine weeks premature in August 2012. Pratt and Faris separated in 2017 and divorced in 2018.


“I’ve always been a little soft. I like to eat.”

— Chris Pratt

“Most of the writers in TV are from L.A. or New York, and those are places where people are cynical and snarky. And they fly from L.A. to New York in an airplane over this vast, expansive land where people aren’t snarky; they’re a lot more like the ‘Parks and Rec’ characters.”

— Chris Pratt

“The American audience has really opened up to women being A.) funny and B.) kinda crude. ‘Bridesmaids’ is R-rated, and I think it was a major coup for women to have an R-rated comedy that did really well. Same as ‘Bad Teacher.'”

— Chris Pratt

“I married way out of my pay grade. I have no idea how that happened.”

— Chris Pratt

“You get to a point where you have to start planning, when you cross that line where you have enough value to get someone’s movie made if you attach yourself to it, you have to be very thoughtful and have to plan. When you’re starting out, you’re willing to do anything.”

— Chris Pratt

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