Casey Affleck Net Worth – What is Casey Affleck Worth Now?

Casey Affleck Wealth

What is Casey Affleck’s net worth?

The movie actor has amassed a net worth of $20 million.

Casey Affleck – Quick Facts
Net Worth: $20 million
Date of birth: August 12, 1975 (48 years old)
Gender: Male
Height: 175
Profession: Movie Actor
Nationality: American

Biography – A Short Wiki

Actor who has played supporting roles in such hit films as Good Will Hunting and Ocean’s Eleven. He won an Academy Award for his starring role as Lee Chandler in the 2016 film Manchester by the Sea. He also earned an Academy Award nomination for his role in the 2007 film The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford.

He attended Columbia University and majored in physics.

He appeared as Tom Myers in the first two American Pie movies. He portrayed Charlie in Tower Heist and the PI in Gone Baby Gone.


Casey’s professional career began while he was a child. He appeared in both movies, extra work and local weather commercials. He then played a role in Lemon Sky of 1988. Also, like the young Robert Kennedy in The Kennedy’s of Massachusetts (1990).

How Rich is Casey Affleck
The movie actor is looking content, and why shouldn’t he with such a decent net worth?

Personal Life

He is the younger brother of fellow actor Ben Affleck. He married his longtime girlfriend, Summer Phoenix, in June 2006 after her brother, actor Joaquin Phoenix, introduced them in 2000. He has a pair of sons named Indiana and Atticus. He and Summer split in 2016.

He wrote, produced, and directed a documentary about Joaquin Phoenix titled I’m Still Here in 2010.


“I didn’t have to audition. That’s common, but it had never happened to me before. Normally, I hate auditioning. I need to stew and think… let the character develop and grow inside me.”

— Casey Affleck

“I have been lucky enough to work with people who inspire me, who I admire and respect, and who have made films – before working with me – that I continually return to over the years because they are so good.”

— Casey Affleck

“In a movie we try to deceive. In theaters, as they say, the deceived are the wisest.”

— Casey Affleck

“When I was young, I asked my priest how you could get to Heaven and still protect yourself from all the evil in the world. He told me what God said to his children. You are sheep among wolves. Be wise as serpents, yet innocent as doves.”

— Casey Affleck

“I do think people do pick movies that reveal something about them that they aren’t always aware of. If you ask them what kind of an actor they think they are, they’ll probably tell you something different than what they’ve actually done.”

— Casey Affleck