50 Cent Net Worth 2021

50 Cent Net Worth
50 Cent – Quick Facts
Net Worth:
Date of birth: 19750706 (48 years old)
Profession: Singer

Biography – A Short Wiki

50 Cent Net worth is a total of $270 million

50 Cent Net Worth – Curtis James Jackson III, who is more popular by his stage name 50 Cent, is an American rapper, entrepreneur, actor and businessman. He was born on July 6, 1975 in the South Jamaica neighborhood of the New York City. Ever since 50 Cent came into the rapping industry, he gave his fans nothing but amazing songs. At first, he was a drug dealer but later left the business to pursue his dream of becoming a rapper.

50 Cent was first recognized by Eminem, and with his help, along with Dr. Dre, he managed to produce his own album “Get Rich or Die Tryin’”, which made him become one of the world’s highest selling rappers. He released his own label G-Unit Records in 2003. 50 Cent released his second album “Massacre” which was again a major success. He kept on giving audiences albums and albums of success. He is currently working on his sixth album, “Street King Immortal”, which is scheduled to release in 2015. 50 Cent was known as the fifth best artist in his time by the Billboard and the third best rapper.

50 Cent is not only a hit rapper, but he has also starred in various movies. He might not have made it that big in the film industry, but he was still appreciated for his movies. He has also produced movies through which he earned a lot as well.

In 2007, he was known as the second wealthiest performer in the rap industry. 50 Cent is an entrepreneur as well, being the CEO and founder of SMS Audio, SMS Promotions and being the founder of SK Energy.

50 Cent has had a lot of controversies in his life as well, some of which include him getting criticized for making anti-gay remarks, or the time when his house caught fire which was under a lawsuit while he was off shooting.

50 Cent has gotten a lot of appreciation for his work. He was won a lot of awards such as American Music Awards, Grammy Award, MTV VMAs, World Music Awards and many others.

After doing so many endorsements, acting in so many films, recording so many songs and releasing so many albums, you can only imagine how much 50 Cent’s net worth would be. After all of this, 50 Cent net worth accumulates to a total of $270 million!

  • Full Name, Name :  Curtis James Jackson III, 50 Cent
  • Age, Born: July 6, 1975 (age 39)
  • Net Worth:  $270 million
  • Endorsement: None
  • Source of Wealth:  Rapper, Entrepreneur, Investor, Actor
  • Achievements: Grammy Awards, MTV VMAs, American Music Awards, World Music Awards
  • Assets: 50,000 square feet Farmington mansion, Two Ferraris, Lamborghini Murcielago, Rolls Royce Phantom and Pontiac G8
  • Family: Ex-girlfriend Shaniqua Tompkins